Chamomile Fox

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Cosy, creamy and oh so morish. Our Chamomile Fox makes any moment a little cosier and a lot more relaxing. Using only whole, top-grade chamomile blossoms with cocoa shells for an extra creamy tea with sweet and comforting notes.

A tea which is perfect for chamomile lovers and those new to chamomile teas. The cocoa shells give this tea a magic twist that makes it a moxie favourite.

What makes it great

  • Enjoy over ice too with a dash of honey for a special treat!
  • Naturally creamy and morish, with all the benefits of chamomile 
  • We only use top-graded, whole chamomile blossoms for ultimate deliciousness

What you say

"I drink chamomile tea every day and this is my new daily tea.” Anita - Lincoln


Chamomile, cocoa shells, linden blossom


1 to 2 teaspoons and 100°C for 3 to 5 minutes. Best without milk.